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Capital Research is a specialist corporate and investment analysis firm providing independent research and advice to clients across a wide range of Australian corporate, investment, government, legal and regulatory entities.


  • Corporate finance

Our reputation and skills are grounded in careful consideration of valuation exercises, particularly, but not confined to, WACC-based asset valuations.

  1. We have been engaged for valuing asset transactions with values of over $2 billion.

  2. We have an Australia-wide reputation for researching and measuring many of the parameters that are used in valuation exercises. Our work is often cited by others.

  3. We often participate in advising on regulatory decisions for cost of capital issues.
  • Expert witness

We have extensive experience at preparing expert witness reports for the legal profession. We have worked closely with many of the legal firms throughout Australia on various important cases.

  • Commissioned research

We undertake commissioned research into various areas. Our skills are very much in bringing research rigor to practical queries in finance, be they questions in corporate finance or investments.

  1. We have extensive databases covering market-wide attributes over much of the 20th century (and even earlier in some cases).

  2. We have extensive databases on individual company and stock data from the 1970's - including those that have since "gone".

  3. We retain excellent contacts with the major sources of new thought in finance. We have the skills of being able to modify and implement that research within Australian markets.


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