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Neville Hathaway is the Managing Director of the Capital Research Group.

Before starting the Capital Research Group with Emeritus Professor Robert Officer in 2003, Neville held positions with County Investment Management and Invesco Asset Management. At County he was Head of the Investment Solutions Group charged with investment portfolio design and at Invesco he was Head of the Structured Investment Group (SIG). At its peak, SIG managed about AU$5 billion of a total company funds under management of AU$15 billion.  Since then he has joined investment committes of superannuatoin and other funds in Australia and along with Andrew ran the daily operations of an international equity fund (until 30 June 2013).

Prior to that position, Neville was an Associate Professor of Finance at Melbourne Business School, the University of Melbourne. Within that environment, he consulted widely to many of the Top 100 companies in Australia as well as to various Government departments, Government businesses and regulators. He has been a visiting Assoc. Professor at the Haas Business School, University of California, Berkeley. He was a member of the University of Melbourne Investment Committee that actively managed their endowment portfolio of about A$750 million.

He holds a PhD and an M.Sc. from The University of Melbourne and a B. Science (Hons) from La Trobe University.

Roland Burgman is a Principal of Capital Budgeting Pty Ltd and is the President & CEO of Asset Economics, Inc.

Prior to forming Asset Economics and a forerunner consulting firm, Roland held various company management positions including Managing Director, Executive Director Finance and Administration, and General Manager Corporate Development.

He has held many Board positions including that of Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Executive Director and non-Executive Director in publicly listed, private and Government corporations. He has also chaired Board Audit and Remuneration Committees.

Roland holds a PhD in Strategic Management from Purdue University, a Dip. Treasury Management from the Australian Society of Corporate Treasurers, a M. Commerce (Marketing) Hons from the University of New South Wales and a B. Agricultural Economics from the University of New England.

Andrew Fong is a Principal of Capital Research.

Andrew has wide experience in Funds Management. At Invesco Asset Management he had extensive practical experience in managing physical and derivative securities based investment products. He also had wide experience in managing structured and indexed based investment products including managing currency hedging products.  He has been engaged by superannuatoin and other funds in Australia and along with Neville ran the daily operations of an international equity fund (until 30 June 2013).

Andrew also has extensive experience in the Insurance and IT industry, having held responsible positions in Fujitsu Australia Ltd and ICL Australia.

He has the ability to tackle analytically complex problems, perform quantitative analysis and research, develop financial models, and develop technologically sophisticated systems. He is experienced in designing and developing innovative solutions for clients. He has an MBA (with Distinction) from Melbourne Business School, The University of Melbourne and a B. Sc (Hons) majoring in Computer Science from The University of Melbourne.


We have a range of other people available to work with us on an "as needed" basis.


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